The city is serviced by a network of mini buses that drive set routes around Tbilisi. These buses are called Marshrukas in the local language.          


Taxis are one of the best ways of getting around the immediate city, as they can be found almost anywhere. Fares are very affordable, and should not cost more than a few USD. Generally, taxis will be waiting outside of major public areas such as airports, train stations, bus stations, and large hotels. the best way to get a taxi is to ask a hotels or restaurants for their help in arranging a ride.


NOTE: Some taxis are regulated. Most taxi on the streets does not ALWAYS verify the cost of the trip before you get in the car; negotiate with the driver before you get in the car.


Transportation from Tbilisi airport to the city center can be arranged in several ways:


1. Use train from the airport to Tbilisi Central Station - cost 0.50 Gel (0.25 Euro)
2. Take a shuttle (bus #37) - cost 0.50 Gel (0.25 Euro)
3. Get a taxi outside the airport, or call: +995 32 2511511 - cost is 20 Gel (10 Euro)
4. Order transfer at the hotel - depends upon the hotel prices
5. Order a transfer online -


All the participants are responsible for making their own arrangements for travel and accommodations. SILKROAD Conference does not subsidize travel and accommodations for the conference participants. SILKROAD Conference will provide the letters of support for the conference participants for visa applications in case of necessity.

Communications regarding local arrangements, including invitation letters, proposal submission, program matters, registration, the mailing list, and data updates, should be addressed to:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel, Tbilisi

1 Rose Revolution Square
0322 40 22 00




Tbilisi Marriott Hotel

Rustaveli Avenue 13
0322 77 92 00



Holiday Inn Tbilisi

1 Twenty six May Square, Tbilisi 0171

0322 30 00 99

Hotels can be booked through 


In addition there are number of small hotels and guesthouses. For the list, please visit:

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