International Black Sea University (IBSU)  was established in 1995 in TbilisiGeorgia and was opened by the second president of Georgia Eduard Shevardnadze and the former prime minister of Turkey Tansu Çiller in accordance with the decree of the Council of Ministers and the License of Opening given by the Ministry of Education of Georgia.

International Black Sea University has the objective of training Georgian and foreign students in scientific, technical and professional fields of study, and of using these studies in the fields of pure and applied research for contributing to the economic and social necessities of Georgia and other countries.

Caucasus University is a privately held university in GeorgiaCaucasus. The university was established in 2004 on the foundation of Caucasus School of Business, which was established in 1998 in partnership with Georgia State UniversityAtlanta, USA, during the country's transitional period. This was when Georgia was making the first attempts to move from a planned to free market economy. Caucasus University has evolved and is now one of the most prominent higher education institutions in Georgia and the South Caucasus region.

The mission of Bank of Georgia University is: 

- to play an active role in the process of public education; to generate, transfer and apply knowledge; to support the establishment of high standards in the country’s educational system and to ensure their implementation. 
- to develop educational programmes and conduct academic processes in accordance with modern international requirements and to conduct significant research activities. 
- to create a university environment which will contribute to the personal and professional growth of individuals through lifelong learning. 

- to establish a system of values based on cooperation, mutual respect, teamwork, shared responsibility and respecting the views of others.

Gori State Teaching University is a significant center for education and science in Shida Kartli. It was established as a result of merging two higher education institutions, LEPL - Gori State University and LEPL -Tskhinvali State University (Government Resolution #176, August 22, 2007).

The mission of Gori State Teaching University is to prepare specialists equipped with the theoretical, methodological and practical knowledge, oriented on the local and international labor market, who with their life style and successful activities will promote the transition of the modern society into a highly developed, just, democratic, moral and highly conscious society.


Caucasus International University is a higher educational institution equipped with modern infrastructure and technology and oriented towards integration with international educational field and constant renewal.

Caucasus International University places emphasis on professional staff and correct scheme of collaboration. In its classic and traditional sense, the university is a corporation which strives to establish a strategic collaboration between administration, professors, students and graduates.  It focuses on establishing high consciousness and moral principles, practical implementation of democracy and ideals of humanism, supporting political liberalism and preserving cultural heritage.


European Teaching University  was founded in  1995. Institution is focused on training using the European model, competitive to grow up students, according demands of international labor market.

European Teaching  University is staffed by qualified, experienced academic staff and invited specialists, who were educated in the leading universities in Europe, which contributes to the international experience and high-quality, innovation-based learning.

Institution is completely focused on students, it  gives ability, together with high-quality education, university grants and studying abroad.



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