Conference Themes

1. Contemporary Economic Trends and Development

a. Contemporary Economy and Globalization

b. Global Trends and Economic Development Perspectives

c. Modern Trends of Economy

2. Legal Aspects, Tools and the Role of Education in Economic Development

a. Legal Aspects That Emerge in Economic Development

b. Mathematical Methods, Models and Information Technology in Development of Economy

c. Entrepreneurship’s Role in the Economy

d. Economic Influence on Democracy

e. The Role of Education in Developing the Economy

3. Global Economic Development and Trade

a. Regional Development

b. National and International Capital Markets

c. International Trade

4. Global Economy, Employment and the Role of Government

a. Economic Development and Social Impact

b. Governmental Role in National Economy

c. Governmental Role in business development

d. Unemployment and Depressions

e. Employment and Productivity

f. Economic Development and Politics