Call for Papers

Participation in the Conference

The conference is open to local as well as international participants.

Applicants must be at least MA students;

Applicants willing to participate in the conference are asked to:

  1. Register online using our application system;
  2. Submit an abstract by April 25, 2017 to the organizing committee;
  3. If selected, submit a final draft to the organizing committee by May 2, 2017.

Conference is free of charge. Applicants are expected to cover their travel and accommodation expenses.

Applicants with disabilities should contact us in advance and request special assistance if needed

Guidelines For Submission

Applicants willing to participate in the conference are invited to submit their abstracts in English complying with the requirements mentioned bellow:

–          The volume of the abstract should not exceed 250-300 words;

–          To be submitted in MS Word format (Times New Roman, font size 12);

–          It should contain following information:  a) author(s); b)  abstract title;  c) affiliation (organization) d) email

–          The abstracts should include problem statement/description; research question, research methodology; expected findings/main results.

Submit Your Abstract by Clicking

Deadline for abstract submission is April 25, 2017.

Guidelines for final drafts

Candidates selected by the scientific committee will be asked  to submit their final draft papers. The papers should meet the following requirements:

–          No more than 3000 words, including tables and references;

–          MS Word, (Times New Roman, font size 12);

–          A title of not exceeding 15 words;

–          All papers should include an abstract;

–          All papers are expected to include: Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Findings/discussions; Conclusions/implications; List of references.

–          All papers should follow APA requirements for citation and referencing.

Final Draft Submission Deadline: May 2, 2017